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Services Guide

This Services Guide contains provisions that define, clarify, and govern the scope of the services described in the quote that has been provided to you (the “Quote”), as well as the policies and procedures that we follow (and to which you agree) when we provide a service to you or facilitate a service for you.  If you do not agree with the terms of this Services Guide, you should not sign the Quote and you must contact us for more information.

This Services Guide is our “owner’s manual” that generally describes all managed services provided or facilitated by Accomplish MSP LLC (“Accomplish MSP,” “we,” “us,” or “our”); however, only those services specifically described in the Quote will be facilitated and/or provided to you (collectively, the “Services”). 

This Services Guide is governed under our Master Services Agreement (“MSA”).  You may locate our MSA through the link in your Quote or, if you want, we will send you a copy of the MSA by email upon request. Capitalized terms in this Services Guide will have the same meaning as the capitalized terms in the MSA, unless otherwise indicated below.

Activities or items that are not specifically described in the Quote will be out of scope and will not be included unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing.

Please read this Services Guide carefully and keep a copy for your records.

Initial Audit / Diagnostic Services

In the Initial Audit/Diagnostic phase of our services, we audit your managed information technology environment (the “Environment”) to determine the readiness for, and compatibility with, ongoing managed services. Our auditing services may be comprised of some or all the following:

  • Audit to determine general Environment readiness and functional capability
  • Review of hardware and software configurations
  • Review of current vendor service / warranty agreements for Environment hardware and software
  • Basic security vulnerability check
  • Basic backup and file recovery solution audit
  • Speed test and ISP audit
  • Print output audit
  • Office telephone vendor service audit
  • Asset inventory
  • Email and website hosting audit
  • IT support process audit

If deficiencies are discovered during the auditing process (such as outdated equipment or unlicensed software), we will bring those issues to your attention and discuss the impact of the deficiencies on our provision of the Services and provide you with options to correct the deficiencies.  Please note, unless otherwise expressly agreed by us in writing, auditing services do not include the remediation of any issues, errors, or deficiencies (“Issues”), and we cannot guarantee that all Issues will be detected during the auditing process.  Issues that are discovered in the Environment after the auditing process is completed may be addressed in one or more subsequent quotes.

Onboarding Services

In the Onboarding phase of our services, we will prepare your IT environment for the monthly managed services described in the Quote. During this phase, we will work with your Authorized Contact(s) to review the information we need to prepare the targeted environment, and we may also:

  • Uninstall any monitoring tools or other software installed by previous IT service providers
  • Compile a full inventory of all protected servers, workstations, and laptop
  • Uninstall any previous endpoint protection and install our managed security solutions (as indicated in the Quote)
  • Install remote support access agents (e., software agents) on each managed device to enable remote support
  • Configure Windows® and application patch management agent(s) and check for missing security updates
  • Uninstall unsafe applications or applications that are no longer necessary
  • Optimize device performance including disk cleanup and endpoint protection scans
  • Review firewall configuration and other network infrastructure devices
  • Review status of battery backup protection on all mission critical devices
  • Stabilize network and assure that all devices can securely access the file server
  • Review and document current server configuration and status
  • Determine existing business continuity strategy and status; prepare backup file recovery and incident response option for consideration
  • Review password policies and update user and device passwords.
  • As applicable, make recommendations for changes that should be considered to the managed environment

This list is subject to change if we determine, at our discretion, that different or additional onboarding activities are required.

If deficiencies are discovered during the onboarding process, we will bring those issues to your attention and discuss the impact of the deficiencies on our provision of our monthly managed services.  Please note, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Quote, onboarding-related services do not include the remediation of any issues, errors, or deficiencies (“Issues”), and we cannot guarantee that all Issues will be detected during the onboarding process. 

The duration of the onboarding process depends on many factors, many of which may be outside of our control—such as product availability/shortages, required third party vendor input, etc.  As such, we can estimate, but cannot guarantee, the timing and duration of the onboarding process.  We will keep you updated as the onboarding process progresses.

Ongoing / Recurring Services

Ongoing/recurring services are services that are provided to you or facilitated for you on an ongoing basis and, unless otherwise indicated in a Quote, are billed to you monthly. Some ongoing/recurring services will begin with the commencement of onboarding services; others will begin when the onboarding process is completed.  Please direct any questions about start or “go live” dates to your account manager.


General Description

Backup and File Recovery

Implementation and facilitation of a backup and file recovery solution from our designated Third Party Provider. 

  • 24/7 monitoring of backup system, including offsite backup, offsite replication, and an onsite backup appliance (“Backup Appliance”).
  • Troubleshooting and remediation of failed backup disks.
  • Preventive maintenance and management of imaging software.
  • Firmware and software updates of backup appliance.
  • Problem analysis by the network operations team.
  • Monitoring of backup successes and failures.
  • Daily recovery verification.

Backup Data Security:  All backed up data is encrypted in transit and at rest in 256-bit AES encryption.  All facilities housing backed up data implement physical security controls and logs, including security cameras, and have multiple internet connections with failover capabilities.

Backup Retention: Backed up data will be retained for the periods indicated below, unless a different time period is expressly stated in the Quote. This includes both on-premise and cloud backups.

  • On-Premise Backups

All on-premise image level backups will be stored on a backup server, which will be kept in a secure location with restricted access. On-premise backups will be performed daily and retained on a rolling sixty (60) day basis.

  • Cloud Backups

All cloud image level backups will be stored in a secure, off-site location that meets the organization’s security standards. Cloud backups will be performed daily and retained on a rolling 365 day basis.

  • File Level backup maintain last the 10 revisions on on-premise storage and in the cloud.

Backup Alerts: Managed servers will be configured to inform of any backup failures.

Recovery of Data: If you need to recover any of your backed up data, then the following procedures will apply:

  • Service Hours: Backed up data can be requested during our normal business hours, which are currently 8AM – 5PM.
  • Request Method. Requests to restore backed up data should be made through one of the following methods:
    • Email:
    • Web portal: Support – Accomplish MSP
    • Telephone: 904-933-9900
    • Restoration Time: We will endeavor to restore backed up data as quickly as possible following our receipt of a request to do so; however, in all cases data restoration services are subject to (i) technician availability and (ii) confirmation that the restoration point(s) is/are available to receive the backed up data.

Backup Monitoring

Implementation and facilitation of a backup monitoring solution from our designated Third Party Provider.  Features include:

  • Monitoring backup status for certain backup applications then-installed in the managed environment, such as successful completion of backup, failure errors, and destination free space restrictions/limitations.
  • Helping ensure adequate access to Client’s data in the event of loss of data or disruption of certain existing backup applications.

Note: Backup monitoring is limited to monitoring activities only and is not a backup and file recovery solution.

Block of Hours / Allocated Consulting Hours

If you purchase one or more blocks of technical support or consulting hours from Accomplish MSP, then we will provide our professional information technology consulting services to you from time to time on an ongoing, “on demand” basis (“Services”).

The specific scope, timing, term, and pricing of the Services (collectively, “Specifications”) will be determined between you and us at the time that you request the Services from us.

You and we may finalize the Specifications (i) by exchanging emails confirming the relevant terms, or (ii) by you agreeing to an invoice, purchase order, or similar document we send to you that describes the Specifications (an “Invoice”), or in some cases, (iii) by us performing the Services or delivering the applicable deliverables in conformity with the Specifications. 

If we provide you with an email or an Invoice that contains details or terms for the Services that are different than the terms of the Quote, then the terms of the email or Invoice (as applicable) will control for those Services only.

A Service will be deemed completed upon our final delivery of the applicable portions of Specifications unless a different completion milestone is expressly agreed upon in the Specifications (“Service Completion”).  (For example, sales of hardware will be deemed completed when the hardware is delivered to you; licensing will be completed when the licenses are provided to you, etc.) Any defects or deviations from the Specifications must be pointed out to us, in writing, within ten (10) days after the date of Service Completion.  After that time, any issues or remedial activities related to the Services will be billed to you at our then-current hourly rates.

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, Services will be provided only during our normal business hours, which are currently 8 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time.  Services provided outside of our normal business hours are subject to increased fees and technician availability and require your and our mutual consent to implement.

The priority given to implementing the Services will be determined at our reasonable discretion, considering any milestones or deadlines expressly agreed upon in an invoice or email from Accomplish MSP.  If no specific milestone or deadline is agreed upon, then the Services will be performed in accordance with your needs, the specific requirements of the job(s), and technician availability.

Dark Web Monitoring

Implementation and facilitation of a Dark Web Monitoring solution from our designated Third Party Provider. 

Credentials supplied by Client will be added into a system that continuously uses human and machine-powered monitoring to determine if the supplied credentials are located on the dark web.

If compromised credentials are found, they are reported to Help Desk Services staff who will review the incident and notify affected end-users.

Dark web monitoring can be a highly effective tool to reduce the risk of certain types of cybercrime; however, we do not guarantee that the dark web monitoring service will detect all actual or potential uses of your designated credentials or information. 

Email Threat Protection

Implementation and facilitation of a trusted email threat protection solution from our designated Third Party Provider. 

  • Managed email protection from phishing, business email compromise (BEC), SPAM, and email-based malware.
  • Friendly Name filters to protect against social engineering impersonation attacks on managed devices.
  • Protection against social engineering attacks like whaling, CEO fraud, business email compromise or W-2 fraud.
  • Protects against newly registered and newly observed domains to catch the first email from a newly registered domain.
  • Protects against display name spoofing.
  • Protects against “looks like” and “sounds like” versions of domain names.

Please see Anti-Virus; Anti-Malware and Breach / Cyber Security Incident Recovery sections below for important details.

All hosted email is subject to the terms of our Hosted Email Policy and our Acceptable Use Policy.