Accomplish MSP LLC

Master Services Agreement ( MSA )

We here want to thank and appreciate you for trusting Accomplish MSP LLC (“Accomplish MSP,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) to provide you with professional information technology services. This Master Services Agreement (this “Agreement”) governs our business relationship with you, so please read this document carefully and keep a copy for your records.


  1. Throughout this Agreement, references to “Client,” “you,” or “your” mean the entity who has accepted a quote, proposal, service order, statement of work, or similar document (electronic or otherwise) from Accomplish MSP. (In this Agreement we refer collectively to these type of documents as a “Quote,” although the actual title or caption of the service-related documents might vary.)
    1. This document contains an arbitration provision that requires, under most circumstances, disputes to be settled by arbitration and not by a judge or jury. Please read the “Arbitration” section of this Agreement carefully. This document also contains important provisions regarding your payment obligations, automatic renewal of ongoing services, limitations of liability, and other significant matters; please read this document and consider those issues carefully before accepting a Quote.
    2. This document limits or, in some cases, eliminates the liability of Accomplish MSP for services that it does not provide directly to you and/or which are provided to you by third parties (defined as “Third Party Services” and “Third Party Providers,” below). Please read this document and consider such limitations carefully before accepting a Quote.
  2. Scope of Services. This is a “master” agreement and, as such, specific services are not listed in this Agreement. Instead, any services to be provided to you or facilitated for you (as applicable) will be described in a Quote (collectively, “Services”).  The scope of our engagement with you is limited to those services expressly listed in a Quote; all other services, projects, and related matters are out-of-scope and will not be provided to you unless we expressly agree to do so in writing (collectively, “Out of Scope Services”). In addition to a Quote, the Services, as well as policies and procedures governing the Services, are defined, clarified, and governed under an additional document that we will refer to in this Agreement as a “Services Guide.”  Our Services Guide is akin to a “user manual” that provides important and binding details about the Services, as well as additional policies and procedures that you and we will follow, for example, (i) how the Services are provided/delivered, (ii) service levels applicable to the Services, (iii) additional payment terms/obligations, and (iv) auto-renewal terms for the Services. Please read both the Quote and the Services Guide before accepting the Quote. If you have any questions about either of those documents or this Agreement, please do not sign the Quote and, instead, contact us for more information.
  3. Each Quote will be governed under the version of this Agreement in place on the date that you accept the Quote. We may change this Agreement from time to time, and modified versions of this Agreement will apply to Quotes that you accept after the date of such modifications. You can determine the version of this Agreement by noting the “last updated” date indicated at the bottom of this document. We advise you to keep a copy of this document and keep track of the date indicated below when you accept a Quote.
  4. The provisions of a Quote govern over conflicting or materially different terms contained in this Agreement and the Services Guide, which allows us to craft solutions to meet your needs by making applicable changes in the Quote. Conflicting language between the Services Guide and this Agreement will be interpreted in favor of the Services Guide.
  5. Third Party Providers/Services. Some services may be provided to you directly by our personnel, such as situations in which our personnel install software agents on managed devices or physically install equipment at your premises. These services are distinguishable from services that are provided to you or us by third party providers, who are often referred to in the industry as “upstream providers.” (In this Agreement, we call upstream providers “Third Party Providers” and the services that Third Party Providers provide are called “Third Party Services”). By way of example, Third Party Services may include help desk services, malware detection and remediation services, firewall and endpoint security-related services, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and the provision of software used to monitor the managed part of your network, among others.
    1. Selection. As your managed information technology provider, we will select the Third Party Providers that provide services appropriate for your managed information technology environment (the “Environment”) and facilitate the provision of those Third Party Services to you. Not all Third Party Services will be expressly identified as being provided by a Third Party Provider. We reserve the right to change Third Party Providers in our sole discretion as long as the change does not materially diminish the Services we are obligated to provide or facilitate under a Quote.
    2. Reseller. We are resellers and/or facilitators of the Third Party Services and do not provide those services to you directly. For this reason, we are not and cannot be responsible for any defect, act, omission, or failure of any Third Party Service or any failure of any Third Party Provider. Third Party Services are provided on an “as is” basis only.  If an issue requiring remediation arises with a Third Party Service, then we will endeavor to provide a reasonable workaround or, if available, a “temporary fix” for the situation; however, we do not warrant or guarantee that any particular workaround or fix will be available or achieve any particular result, or that Third Party Services will run in an uninterrupted or error-free manner.
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